Together, we drive innovation in molecular diagnostics!

Our team of highly skilled chemists, biologists and physicists with extensive experience in developing molecular technologies is dedicated to improve fast diagnostics and further develop our latest technologies.



Our intention is to make fastest quality diagnostics accessible to anyone, anywhere and to allow for right treatment at the right time.

Thus, all our MDx technologies are developed in accordance with our SAFE criteria.

SAFE Molecular Diagnostics

At FRIZ Biochem we have set ourselves the task of taking Point-of-Care diagnostics to the next level. With CYCLE® Dx and Lab direct qPCR we have developed two unique patented technology platforms, both enabling for SAFE-molecular diagnostics.


Receive reliable results from our CE-certified systems.


Perform multiplex-/panel analysis while still using one-step protocols.


Less then 1h
from sample to result.


Usable by everyone with little to no laboratory environment and training.

Innovation Development

Advanced biochips

Inhouse testing of our new CYCLE® Dx.

Advanced biochips

It all started with the development of highly reliable, easy-to-use and inexpensive biochips ideally suited for gene expression studies and SNP analysis.

However the chip, a microelectrode array, was applied directly to the PCR amplification tube and nucleic acid isolation & purification steps prior to PCR amplification remained necessary.

Consequently, we gradually integrated the entire molecular diagnostic workflow into our technology development.


Our ready-to-use unit contains all chemicals required for sample lysis, (RNA) DNA extraction, (transcription &) amplification and detection.

The basic electrochemical detection principle of the disposable lab-on-a-chip system makes it possible to examine up to 100 parameters/sample in one run.

CYCLE® Dx provides the complete diagnostic workflow in a miniaturised environment and transfers Point-of-Care diagnostics to the next level:

Gather all information needed in a miniaturised, lab-free environment at highly cost-effective set up.

CYCLE® Lab (top: in black/ transparent) attached to nasal swab (botton) for SARS-CoV-2 testing .

The portfolio today

Developing the third generation of our innovative MDx technology.

The portfolio today

With CYCLE® Dx we provide a unique solution for true Point-of-Care diagnostics.

Our Lab direct kits enable qPCR analysis directly from untreated patient sample(s), without the need for an initial DNA/RNA extraction step.

Furthermore, we offer our customers state of the art oligonucleotides, phosphoramidites and nanoparticles.

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