Functional gold nanoparticels

Nanomedicine, the application of nanotechnology to health, raises high expectations for millions of patients for better, more efficient and affordable healthcare and has the potential of delivering promising solutions to many diseases. Research in nanomedicine will allow for a better understanding of the functioning of the human body at molecular and nanometric level. Several areas of medical care are already benefiting from the advantages that nanotechnology can offer.

Our customized Gold Nanoparticles

You can customize your own gold nanoparticle by speficying different parameters like diameter, Anchoring Chemistry, Density and Docking Oligos. We offer even more options for specifications. Just click on the button below.


    Specify your Gold Nanoparticle

    1. Choose your parameters:

    Au diameter [nm]
    Anchoring Chemistry
    Density [pmol/cm2]
    Docking Oligos

    2. Specify your nanoparticle:

    Docking #
    Sequence (5' - 3')
    Distal Modification

    3. Define quantity & spread:

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    It is our concern to support these efforts by introducing nb3 kits with biological functionality…

    …for DNA/RNA functionalisation (diagnostics/imaging)

    … to sort live cells based on RNA markers and re-use them for downstream assays, study gene expression with live cell imaging or get single cell resolution on RNA expression in live cells, similar to e.g. Millipore’s Smart Flare Probes, but with defined properties.

    …for protein functionalisation (drug targeting/release)

    … to target nanoparticles, to induce in vivo gene silencing through nanoparticle-mediated RNAi or photo thermal release of (via dehybridisation or anchor-release) deliver reagents capable of manipulating the angionic response in vivo … cf. e.g.: here